Plastic Bags and Film

What can be recycled?

Retail bags, dry cleaning bags, bread bags, shipping pillows, sealable or “zippered” plastic food bags, flexible plastic wraps on paper towels, cases of soda, cotton balls, bathroom tissue, and more

Why it wants to be recycled

Plastic bags and flexible wraps, also known as “film,” are recyclable and — like other plastics — can be used to make many other products. Recycling reduces litter, lessens the amount of waste going to landfills, and gives a valuable resource a second life.

How to recycle it

Return plastic bags and films to labeled receptacles, widely available at grocery and retail outlets. Do not include food or cling wrap, prepared food bags, biodegradable bags, or film that has been painted or has excessive glue. Check your local ordinances for specific instructions — this category is easily contaminated with incorrect preparation or the wrong materials.

What does recycled plastic bags and film become?

Once collected, plastic bags and film are baled and sent to recycling centers. Here, the used bags are cleaned, processed, and turned into flakes and pellets. The pellets are used to make new plastic shopping bags, durable outdoor fences, decks, shopping carts, and home building products.

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