Kitchen Plastics

What can be recycled?

Tubs and lids (like for cottage cheese), cups (like for single-serving yogurt), and iced tea or big syrup bottles

Why it wants to be recycled

The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) measured the nation’s overall plastics recycling rate for 2014 at just 9.5 percent, and kitchen plastics are an area where that number can improve significantly to preserve resources and keep re-usable waste out of our landfills.

How to recycle it

Look for curbside, school, work, or public space recycling bins, or find local recycling drop-off centers. While not all kitchen plastics are recyclable, community websites and local recycling agencies often have posters with visuals to help identify the items that are accepted.

What do recycled kitchen plastics become?

Kitchen plastics can be used to make many products, including buckets, crates, razor and toothbrush handles, toys, and even brand new kitchenware like cutting boards, measuring cups and colanders.

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